jen (thegwenanobi) wrote in thed3,

oh the nostalgia

pbeg: what if you came drunk to the SAT?
me: i don't know, why don't you try it next weekend?
pbeg: *pantomimes fumbling, then barfing over his test*

landon: hey what if you put letter "e" for the ones that only go up to "d"?
pbeg: then you're just retarded.
me: yeah then your score report prints out "YOU ARE STUPID"
pbeg: yeah in big letters right across the top "YOU'RE STUPID!"

landon: so do you play any instruments?
me: yeah i've mastered the recorder
pbeg: that's impressive

sara: these passages are so biased. i mean what if you're a kid from rural nebraska and you read these and you're like "what the fuck?"
pbeg: well a passage about rural nebraska would be about cow tipping and stuff *proceeds to give a detailed explanation of cow tipping beginning with "first you get really drunk..." in a southern accent"

rebecca: yeah i think we should give more money to schools. the more the better.
pbeg: i got these pants for a dollar fifty!
rebecca:...that was really random
me: really? where?
pbeg: a thrift store in illinois (or indiana i forget)
chris: yeah they look like 1.50. they look plastic.

kid from loyola (i forget his name): yeah i'd hate to be stuck behind a desk all day. i'd rather be a broke musician.
pbeg: i wanna fly a helicopter!...and save people!

pbeg: *explains a math problem* okay so you know that each corner has 5 blocks and they're overlapping...yeah i don't know what i'm talking about

Sean: ya douchebag
me: douchebag is such a funny insult
Sean: like cunt!
Landon: no..sometimes girls take offense to cunt
me: yeah...if you call me a douchebag i'll just laugh
Sean: i called my last girlfriend a cunt...then she wasn't my girlfriend anymore
me: gee i wonder why?

so we kept calling each other douchebags until finally

Sean: douchbag!
Landon: no you killed it
me: yeah it's dead. it's not funny anymore

*5 minutes later*

Sean: douchebag!
me: nope still not funny

*5 minutes after that*

Sean: douchebag!
me: *giggles* still...not funny

then Sean started making farting noises

me: *giggles* i'm not laughing, i'm mature, i'm not laughing
*sean continues to make farting noises*
me: are you SURE you're a senior?

Sean: look i have a 5th avenue bar
me: you're special...ed.
Sean: yeah i am

*sean does tricks on his skateboard*
me: if you fall, i'll laugh

*sean does more tricks on skateboard*
Sara: see these are the moments before death. shouldn't you be repenting or something?
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